Lady Vikings Take the Win Against the Ravens at Home

The Lady Vikings varsity basketball team took a win on Tuesday against the Vista del Lago Ravens . Winning with a lead of 55-15 by the fourth quarter.

Vista del Lago made the first point of the game taking the lead, but then Moval came back and tied the score with a lay-up . As the teams went back and forth with the ball, both with the same goal to make it in, the Lady Vikings have took the lead with a 7-2 four minutes into the first quarter. As the first quarter wound down, Moval was still in the lead, up by seven points at the end of the first quarter .

Vista’s coach encouraged the Ravens, telling them, “it was good you could always play harder.”

With the cheerleaders cheering the ladies on, the Lady Vikings kept the lead up as they enter the second quarter of the game with the score 31-7 .

In the third quarter, the girls from both teams were working for the ball back and forth, back and forth. Despite turnovers from Vista, MVHS managed to approach the end ahead at 31-7 . But in the last 57 seconds, Emma Celay a freshman at VDLHS, shot a three pointer and the ladies then ended up with 43-12.

So by the end of the fourth quarter of the game, Moreno Valley won with 55-15 .

VIsta del Lago’s said she felt her girls played well, “they just need to be more disciplined.”

Overall, she said she was pleased with the game.

“I like coaching, just got to be a little more competitive,” Vista’s coach said. “But other then that, congratulation to the Ladies for that win!”