Keep the Money

~a short story~


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Two people are meeting at a fountain at the local park: a hitman and a 16 year old girl. When they first meet, he’s doesn’t believe that it’s her because she looks too young (she hadn’t said her age when they talked online).

‘There’s no way this girl is it she looks 15, how could she even get $50,000?’ he thinks.

He decided to not talk to her first as to avoid an awkward situation if it wasn’t her. So he waited until she said something, so he could know for sure. After a while, she cleared her throat, took an envelope for her jacket.

“I heard it’s going to rain.” she said.

This was her, they had established the code phrase prior when they talked online. He was shocked and stayed quiet for a second, trying to process.

‘What the hell?’ he thought ‘I need to ask her why.’

He rarely asked for motive we he did…this, but how could he not ask, she was so young.

“Who and why?” he asked after a minute.

“My dad and sexual abuse.” she said monotonously. He looked up at her and met her eyes. He saw that they were green but cold and tired with dark bags underneath. He blinked at how lifeless and dull they were.

Rage instantly filled him.

He didn’t know why, this job had made him numb. But something about her eyes had sparked something in him.

“Keep the money,” he said and he walked off.