American(s) Dream

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So many voices hating on me, telling me to go

back to my country.

This is the land of the free.

Why can’t I be me?

They’re telling me to pledge alle-giance to a country

where freedom doesn’t ring.

Tears running down like a stream.

Moms gone and dads trying to protect me.

Hiding in a world where diversity doesn’t mean anything,

and we advocate white supremacy.

I’m gonna scream.

My friends can’t come and play. Dad doesn’t want me to leave, this house.

Living in a town where people like us try to get around;

hiding now.

Men who’d rather deport me than get to know me are trying

to find my hideout.

All dad wanted was for me to live a better life in this small town.

Police sirens and bright lights are out.

Living in a town where people like us are trying to get around;

and blood curdling screams and cries can be heard from a block down.

Living in a world where people want ‘my kind’ to leave because

we aren’t living the american(s) dream.

Why can’t I be me?