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We Need To Rethink The Value of Homework


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For many years, American children had to succumb to the everlasting bane that is homework. It all began in the 1940s when schools across the nation cursed our youth with what they thought was the best thing since sliced bread, but was it really? Many people have come up to argue the fact that, no, it’s not as cool as sliced bread, in fact it’s as stale and useless as the bread itself.  Coming strong with facts and studies are multiple journalists ready to debunk the myths and legends surrounding homework and its usefulness, but while they did, another equally stronger force came. This opposing force was none-other than parents (wow what a surprise). They were not happy about this change in their kids lives, but are parents being angry necessary? Is homework really that helpful? I believe that homework is not the way to go when teaching our children what they need to know.

In an article written by Karin Klein and published by the LA Times on March 9, 2015, she reported on what happened in a Manhattan Elementary when the principal announced that there would no longer be any more after-school assignment for students to do, which sparked an outrage in the parental community. A “rebellion” of parents formed and came forward to show their displeasure with the principal, but why? Does homework really provide students with skills or knowledge they could use later. Well actually, many studies have been conducted on whether or not homework is truly as beneficial as many say it, and to my surprise, homework actually has a couple negative effects .

In an article produced by researchers by Edvantia for the Center for Public Education, it states, “There is no conclusive evidence that homework increases student achievement across the board. Some studies show positive effects of homework under certain conditions and for certain students, some show no effects, and some suggest negative effects…” The “certain” kids that get anything from homework are (generally) older, of high income families, students with learning disabilities, or Asian Americans. The fact that these type of people are pretty much the only ones gaining anything from this is not surprising considering their circumstances. But what about all the other American children? Should we as a country treat each group of students differently or treat them all as one entity?

Even the National Education Association and the National PTA say that students should only be receiving around 10 minutes of work, Kindergartners receive over 25 minutes of homework a day, when according to the NEA and the NPTA they SHOULDN’T be receiving ANY. A researcher by the name of Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman told CNN that the amount of homework kindergartners get shocked her. In case you didn’t realize thats a bad thing. Its worse for high school students who get over 2 hours worth of work DAILY. The NEA and the NPTA both support the lowering of the amount of homework given to students. You know that when the people in charge of making sure students get their education, are against the amount of homework you assign, you’ve messed up.

In conclusion, I personally believe that school systems around America have been abusing their power by relying on homework to teach instead of the teachers themselves. That’s not to say teachers don’t teach, since of course most do. This is more along the lines of  school districts pushing the idea that a students free time belongs to them just as equally as their school time does. This essentially creates the ideology that half their school time can also be in the comfort of their own home, which sucks because that could be time that children could be spending with their families and loved ones. 

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  1. Jesus Villasenor on March 5th, 2018 2:52 pm

    I strongly disagree with this article. Its filled with opinions and very little facts also in some lines hard to understand like ” You know that when the people in charge of making sure students get their education, are against the amount you give someone homework, you’ve messed up.” Also, it goes on to say that school teacher relies on homework to teach students, BOY, I been getting a 3.0 GPA since the begging of this year and I have done, and I swear, no HOMEWORK at all this year. this article is trash. Use Grammarly or something

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We Need To Rethink The Value of Homework