Bah Humbug!

Evette Gallardo, Staff Writer, Editor

The famous annual Moval Christmas Carol, written by Jeffrey Shaw and Ashley Benjamin, was one for the books this year. With its amusing liberal comments, to its humorous mockings of ‘The Viking Way’ and of Mrs. Brown on Thursday night, November 30th, it’s safe to say Mr. Shaw really outdid himself this year.


“I think that the play was well written,” freshman Alaba Mcdaniel said. “The pop culture references were thought out. And the casting choices were pretty good.”


With loud singing and jingle bells we started off our night with an introduction from our narrators, Kimberly Rojas, senior, and Humberto Rojas, junior.


Old Marley was dead! And so was Mrs. Scrooge’s future if she didn’t accept the christmas spirit. Getting visits from the past, present, and future had seemed to take a positive toll on the old woman.


“It was good, but not for my likeness,” Senior, Cassandra Krysta said after

attending the event.


The audience encountered a sassy ghost of Christmas present, an abundance of Cratchits, and a boring future awaiting Ms. Scrooge. Laughter had echoed through the crowd when a fight between one of our narrators, Kimberly Rojas, and the ghost of christmas present, Elias Martin, had endured.


“I think it was rather funny,” freshman Vanessa De Los Santos, had to say about the play. “Yeah, it was pretty funny.”


Some may not find the play amusing and may even call it ‘cringey’, but at the same time there are those who’ve seemingly come to love the annual tradition.


Mrs. Leblanc, English teacher said, “I really enjoyed Elias as the ghost of Christmas present.” She then went on to say, “I really liked Humberto as Scrooge. I was impressed he could play two different roles.”


Some may say the play was a hit, and there will be some who give you the o’le bahumbug! But we can not deny the fact that the play was well thought-out and cleverly put together. As we come closer to the Holidays we can remember to be thankful for the things we have to not dwell on the past and to enjoy the present.