Blinding Love, Following Exes on Instagram, and How to Tell When a Relationship is Unhealthy

The Love Doctor gives advice to Movallians with love problems

The Love Doctor, Love Aficionado

Q. Why do girls like boys but can’t look for a real man? Victor Guerrero, Senior

A. Well, most girls have a sort of appeal to a boy who says they would do anything for her, because those are promises that a boy makes but to get with that girl; they do their absolute best to sweet talk the girl into thinking they are a “good man,” but their true intentions aren’t very good. But Not all girls are like that, sometimes you just have to find the right one, ya know.


Q. Why does love blind you? – Anonymous

A. Love blinds you because it’s something that everyone begins to cherish, myself included.we’ve wanted it ever since we were able to know what it is, so it makes us do things we won’t normally do for the person we “love.” Love is a powerful emotion and it makes us do crazy things sometimes.


Q. Move on from my ex who cheated on me(but now says he’s changed) or should I move on to someone else? -Anonymous

A. No matter what, someone cheating is a break in the trust that you originally gave them. No matter how many times people say they’ve changed, it’s hard for people to actually change. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. One will come along and treat you like the only girl or guy in the world.


Q. How do you know you’re in an unhealthy relationship? How do you get out of an unhealthy relationship? How do you leave someone you’re so attached to? -Anonymous

A. You can tell you’re in one when there really isn’t a spark anymore and you guys aren’t really connecting as much anymore.You can get out of an unhealthy relationship by, yes the easy way being breakup, a more challenging but fruitful way would be to talk to your significant other and just let out all your feelings and problems with the relationship and maybe you guys can make the relationship healthy again. It’s truthfully hard to leave someone you’re so attached to, believe me I’ve done it, you just have to do your absolute best to try and find someone who will help you make new attachments and connections.


Q. What does it mean when my boo is being distant and weird towards me? -Anonymous

A. It could mean that maybe he could want some space, but try talking to your boo to let them know what you’re feeling and ask why they’re being so distant with you.


Q. What does it mean if my boo doesn’t post/show me off? -Anonymous

A. Your boo probably wants you all to themselves, that’s why. If they don’t post you or show you off, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, it could mean that you’re so beautiful they don’t want to make others jealous. But if you do want to get shown off, let them know so they can get a chance to brag about the person that makes them feel amazing and complete.


Q. I don’t like opening up because I feel like i’m going to upset my boyfriend. – Anonymous

A. If you don’t like opening up because of fear of making him upset, then maybe that’s not the right relationship for you. A boyfriend should not make his girlfriend fear expressing herself because that’s just not right; he should be the person who most encourages you to be an open book. You should be able to talk to each other without fear of judgement.


Q. Should I be mad if my boyfriend doesn’t unfollow his ex on Instagram? -Anonymous

A. No, not really because when you think about it, that’s his ex for a reason while you are his girlfriend now maybe he needs the followers, haha, but in all seriousness – no, the ex is an ex because of something that happened. You’re the girlfriend, not her, so be happy ya know. Also he kinda is showing you off as someone who makes him feel greater and happier than ever.


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