Teens Aren’t The Only Ones On Their Phones


MVHS teachers use their phones during a professional learning community meeting.

Natalia Gomez, Staff Writer

        Parents and teachers always talk about how teens always use their phones everywhere they go. However, that may not be all true. Many adults,including parents, also use their phones wherever they go. Sometimes parents and adults are so into their phones that they don’t pay attention to other people or to their children when they’re talking to them. Teachers also use their phones a lot of times during class. When students are just checking their phones, the teachers tell them to put it away but when the teachers use their phones during a lesson, no one can tell them to put it away.

         It feels very unfair for some people that teachers use their phone when they are not supposed to, because when students do it, it is considered a very bad thing and very unprofessional for a student that is already in high school. However, when teachers do it, it is alright. Some teachers say that they are the teachers, so they can do what they would like, or that they are expecting a phone call from their kid or someone important and that is why they need to have it out or use it. Even substitute teachers tell us to put our phones away and do our work, but right when they go to their desk, they get their phone out and start using it.

         Parents say that using phones means less socializing with your family and friends or people in general. However, what they do not realize is that they actually do it themselves. They say that this generation does not know how to socialize because we are just on our phones, but they do not socialize either. Like teachers, parents also say they are using their phones because they are expecting a call or a message from someone. They stay on their phones while their kids play.

         We should try to minimize cell phone usage in classrooms and homes. We should only use phones when necessary or when we have done what we need to do and have free time. It is important to do this because if we do this we can socialize more and just have more knowledge of other people and of other things in general. It really is not fun to just watch people be on their phones without socializing.