Rapper Hopsin releases new album ‘No Shame’


Rapper Hopsin, a Los Angeles native, released his latest album, "No Shame" in late November.

Dustin Cerda, Staff Writer, Editor

American rapper Hopsin released new album No Shame to the public on Friday November 24,2017. This is Hopsin’s fifth studio album and his first album under his newly founded record label Undercover Prodigy.

Hopsin’s debut album No Shame reached the number 5 slot on iTunes the day of its release. It has a 4.5 star review on both iTunes and Amazon. The album centers around the events that have transpired within the past two years of his life, most notably the feud between him and his Australian ex-girlfriend and their newly born son.

In his new music video “ILL MIND of HOPSIN 9”, he calls out his ex-girlfriend for past events. In the song he talks about being falsely accused of assault in Australia by his ex. Stuck between the choice of staying in Australia for weeks to defend his case and taking a simple plea deal, he chose a plea deal to fulfill his commitments with his promoters. These false charges, even though the ex has admitted they were false, have prevented him from getting a visa to see his son that he is still not entirely sure is his, as he admits in the song, because he had been cheated on.

A skit called “No Words 2”, which is the sequel to the skit “No Words” from his previous album “Pound Syndrome”, parodies rapper Desiigner.

Desiigner is known for being hard to understand because he makes weird noises and speaks incomprehensible sentences. The skit mocks the way he talks and includes a mock song that is supposed to a parody of all the rappers who mumble versus and use heavy auto tune.

With this skit he is trying to call attention to the degradation in the quality of the rap industry over the years.

Another song on the album “Happy Ending”, has become quite controversial since its release and has even been removed from YouTube. The song talks about going to an Asian massage parlor where he receives a “happy ending”. This caused a stir of trouble for how it stereotyped Asian people.

In response to the controversy, Hopsin defended his song by saying “I actually get happy endings, like, I go to these massage parlors. I don’t do it all the time, but I went to my first one when I was 19 years old and in my neighborhood, they’re just there. And it’s not a thing about race or anything; it’s just a thing that I’ve done so I think people probably think I was making the song as a joke, but it’s literally my reality. It’s what I do,“ said Marcus Hopson.

The album only has three guest appearances and has no other featured rappers. He also created all the beats for his songs.

Hopsin claimed in an interview with XXL Magazine that his reason for this was ’Cause it’s my life, it’s too personal. There’s was no room for no one else unless someone was gonna be talking about my life.”

“I hope you guys are enjoying the new album. I hope my dark times that I share with you will get you through yours.” said Hopsin on Twitter.