Sam Smith Sings About Heartbreak and Healing

Sam Smith's second studio album,

Sam Smith's second studio album, "The Thrill of It All," released on November 3, debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200.

Jennifer Aguado, Staff Writer

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Sam Smith released his new album, “The Thrill of It All,” after he took a three year break. This is his second album after his debut album in 2014, “The Lonely Hour”. Throughout his three year break he went through a really tough time, which gave him inspiration to write new songs. He had a difficult heartbreak, and now he has a new boyfriend. That is what makes this album one of his most personal albums. He sings about loneliness, heartbreak, religion, and sexuality.

“Too Good at Goodbyes” is the first single he released from the album. It is about the times that he has been hurt and how they have affected him. He doesn’t want to get hurt, so he keeps everything to himself, because he wants to prepared in case they do end up breaking up, protect his heart to prevent a heartbreak. It  continues with “Say it First” which is a great transition, it explains how he has been hurt so many times and how he just wants to know that this person truly loves him. He has been used to people who treat him poorly and it now seems as if he found someone different, someone that is meant for him. He isn’t scared of starting relationships, since he knows it will go well in “Say it First” as to comparison to “Too Good at Goodbyes” in which he had a messed up relationship which he knew wouldn’t work out.

“One Last Song” is more upbeat compared to all the other songs in his album along with “Baby, You Make Me Crazy”. He is hung up on his ex boyfriend, but he realizes that it is time to get over him, therefore he makes sure that this is the one last time he will have anything to do with him, because hopefully he’ll find someone new that’ll treat him better, And that is his “One Last Song” to his ex boyfriend. “Baby, You Make me Crazy” is a less heartbreaking song, it is about how he wishes to be with the person he loves at all times. He doesn’t like being away from him and he’s always on his mind, so when he isn’t around, he tries to distract himself, to make sure he isn’t hurting from the distance.

Sam Smith decides to care for himself, and chooses self empowerment, and walks out on someone who he loves and loves him back in “Midnight Train.” “Burning” starts off with the chorus being sung acapella, he sings about the heartbreak he had and how if he had the chance he would go back to him. He sings about religion and sexuality in “Pray” and “HIM”, but in “HIM” he doesn’t view loving another male to be sinful. While in “Prey” he feels as if he has turned his back on religion due to his sexuality, and that all he can do now is pray even though his beliefs have shifted. The songs tie very well together. In “Palace” and “No Peace” are about heartbreak and being left, it talks about how it was good while the relationship was starting but it has now ended.

This album is good when someone is going through some difficult time. It is meant for everyone, no matter their roots. Sam Smith has some amazing vocals which adds on to the greatness of this album, as well as the featured artist YABBA. This is an amazing album, and I strongly recommend it to everyone.