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Schools are Broken


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Schools are stuck teaching people while having to deal with a boring rundown teaching system, and that’s not fair for either students or teachers, the school system is broken and it’s up to us to change a broken failing system.


Little has changed in our education system, the same things are being taught to students year after year, the only difference would be the students change. The first school was established in 1635 and taught the basic things of math and english. The standardized tests are also hurting the school system as even Frederick J. Kelly, the man who established the standardized test, has stated “ These tests are too crude to be used, and should be abandoned.”


The opposing side to this argument would consist of superintendents, principals, and some teachers but not all. The people in those positions are strong for the school system as they love how it “teaches kids,” how to be better educators. They believe the ways they teach and the tests they give help to measure a child’s intelligence, but really it’s just so they can get a quick paycheck.

This position is so strong with me as I have been in the K-12 system for 13 years, and sure enough I’ve had older family members in classes from when I was in and he tells me that all the work that I am doing he’s done it all before. It just feels unfair to me because there are different things that people want to learn and ways to learn. We are in classrooms right now sitting in rows lined up all nice and neat with a person standing in front of us giving us directions so we can finish the product. Does that sound familiar? Oh yeah people who work in factories have to be lined up nice and neat in rows taking orders all day without having to be or being let to be creative.


The school system is the exact same way as it limits our forms of creativity for how we want to learn or even express ourselves. We are all judged by a grade, people think they are smart just because they have an A in their class, but the thing is a grades don’t measure a person’s intelligence, it just shows that they want to do the work. There is a quote that goes, “If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid.”


A solution to this problem would be that we change the way the schools deal with the school day. Another way to help make a solution to this problem is just have the intendants and principals and everyone else step back and just let the teachers do what they’re paid for and teach. A teacher will know their students best and they would come up with new and fresh ways to help teach the students, a principal doesn’t really know or get a emotional connection with the students like a teacher does. The teacher should be in charge of their own class and decide how to teach, whether that be tests or Kahoot.

The school system is badly broken and needs to be changed before we are doomed to repeat the same teaching mistakes that countless others have made before us. The school system may have been broken for us growing up in it, but it can change as we are the next generation of teachers and principals, we can make school a more creative place and help appeal to the way students want to learn, forget a grade that just puts a limitation on us and makes us feel as if that’s all we have to work for day in and day out, and it all just begins to feel like busy work.



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Schools are Broken