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Society’s Influence on Males


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Men have been taught from a young age to be in some sort of way misogynistic, and it isn’t really their fault that they end up with that mentality.


From a young age, gender roles are forced upon boys with toys, such as a simple color being “too girly.” They also begin to feel insecurities due to the action figures they play with, since they are built to be muscular.


Boys aren’t taught at a young age what is wrong and what is right because at that time it is seen as “cute,” only because they’re boys.


“Boys will be boys” is what many people would say about the way that boys act.

It isn’t fair to them, they are so much more than that and they can be educated. When anyone says that, they are only degrading them, making it seem as if they can’t be educated, as in that’s the way they are and they’ll always be like that.


It is important to educate boys and allow them to grow up, by telling them when they do something wrong.


We can’t blame just the boys for the way they are, because in reality it is everyone’s fault. They grow up being taught that being female is inferior. Especially when an important adult such as a coach says things like “you throw like a girl.” It is used as an insult therefore they learn that being female is inferior.


They are also worshipped when they get at females or objectify them. The last thing that should be done when a guy does something like that is to worship them, because in some cases it can be sexual harassment and they don’t even know it.


Men have constantly been taught to suppress their feelings. In such cases when people would call a man a “b*tch” or make fun of them in anyway for expressing their feelings. They are taught that they are supposed to be tough and not show emotion.


It is unhealthy to hold in emotions, especially for long periods of times. It is important that men get the space they need to talk about how they feel, so females, always make sure that you are always there to listen to your boyfriend, because they also have some hard times and just need someone to be there for them.


Men need more of an understanding society. They need the media to display more than just a few types of men. Body image doesn’t only affect females it affects everyone, because they want to be “attractive” just like everyone else wants to. Men are seen as if they need to be muscular because they’ll get made fun of if they are too skinny or if they’re too fat.


“Maybe I’m overweight. I’m feeling insecure about the way I look or I’m sweating halfway through the audition or I stumble the lines,” Chris Pratt, celebrity, said.


Men are human too, they deserve the same treatment as everyone, the same compassion, they are more than what society makes them seem like they are. They don’t need to be violent, they are fine being just how they are.


It is important to get rid of gender roles, to make both men and women equal, not only politically, but mostly in society. Media needs a change, there needs to be more diversity of what we see. Men also need the emotional space to share what they need to. They also need to be taught what is right and what is wrong at a young age. It is important that we have a change for the future of our men.


Society has shaped men in a way that has affected all of society by influencing misogyny on them.

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Society’s Influence on Males