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Freshman vs. Seniors


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Freshmen suck. We all know it. The WORST thing to be on the high school grounds. Ok, so maybe i’m being a little overdramatic. But seriously, freshmen. Listen up.


We all now those annoying freshmen that act like they own the school when they’re really the bottom of the barrel. They just… They really aren’t the best. But why do seniors think that freshmen should keep their mouths shut?


A user on Yahoo Answers that goes  by the name of Mark says, “Most 9th graders still have that Junior high mentality is why. 25-75% of hs seniors are legal adults & don’t have time ⏰ or patience to deal with their childish 😛 ways.


The things that a freshman does: curses too much, runs around too much, talks too much, tries being cool too much. These traits are the ones of a 21 year old child. A terrible mix for such a small person.


An anonymous user on Yahoo Answer says,  “Freshmens are SO annoying. They try to fit in with the crowds at school. They try copy seniors to make themselves feel better and older……That’s what makes them annoying


Seniors are, believe it or not, the best kind of students in high school. But do not be discouraged, you pathetic, miniscule freshmen, for you will be a senior one day, too. And if they plan on going to college, you will be happy to know that they will drop back down to the bottom of the food chain. So feel good about that!


Me, being a freshman myself, can say from a personal view that most freshmen are kind of annoying. Not all freshmen are annoying. I know that I can occasionally be that annoying freshman running around and screaming. But not all the time.


Seniors know what they’re doing in high school. I mean, they have been here for four years! The freshmen barely came here from middle school. Stop thinking that you can do whatever you want just because you were at the top last year.


On Yahoo Answers, a user by the name heyy =] says, “ Even though a lot of freshman aren’t like this: To them, freshmen are wannabes wanting to be cool considering they just came out from being the top of middle school as 8th graders.


I know that it may be strange for a freshman to say that all freshman are annoying. Or maybe not. Now, i’m not saying that all freshmen should keep to themselves or else  they’re annoying. In fact, I don’t even think that i’ve explained my actual reason for writing this story. I wanted to say that freshmen and seniors need to keep calm and just accept the fact that freshmen are the worst and seniors are the best. Not as people, but as classes.


I believe that a way we could get this whole situation to be a lot better is by making them work together. Let seniors talk to them on their freshmen year, not the year before, when 8th graders just assume everything is the same as last year. Because, from personal experience, I can say that it isn’t. This can make the freshmen understand what they will deal with in the next four years. Not only that, but seniors can know that they have just helped a freshmen be able to go through their entire time in high school.


I know that freshmen can be annoying, like, very annoying. But that doesn’t mean that there should be an ongoing rivalry between two different classes in the exact same school. It doesn’t make sense. Freshmen, just admit that you aren’t better than seniors. Seniors, good job!

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3 Responses to “Freshman vs. Seniors”

  1. Unknown on November 6th, 2017 4:18 pm

    Your smart as heck!!!! Freshman are retarded!!!-senior

  2. anonymous on November 28th, 2017 10:28 am

    *you’re -freshman

  3. Jesse Gallarzo on February 2nd, 2018 2:08 pm

    This article has many truths. However, neglects to give freshman some credit that they deserve. I mean, aren’t their antics (getting lost mid-passing period or over stuffing their backpacks) at least laughable and dare I say it….cute when they arrive?

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Freshman vs. Seniors