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Students who walk extremely slow and stop in middle of the passway while it’s crowded and also while there are students who are trying to get to class on time is annoying.


Mainly because it affects the Seniors mostly because of our contract to not be late or absent. And in my opinion I hate that because students can’t be late to class because there are tardy sweeps and the consequences are we get detention and Seniors can’t participate in the activities at school. And that is not fair because:


  1. A) It is not our fault there slow students and students who randomly stop in the middle to talk.
  2. B) Tardy students get in trouble for being tardy when it’s not even their fault.
  3. C) Students walking slow isn’t a good enough excuse for any administrator.


There are other schools with the same problem as us. For example there is a staff reporter of a school that wrote that  “walking slow in the hallway is a nuisance to many students and staff.”


This is also another thing is that the slow students don’t realize that they are causing a traffic jam while students are trying to get to class. Also they walk slow or stop because they are too busy on their phones to realize that they are walking extremely slow and if their texting they might just stop all of a sudden. They could have other reasons but it’s still not logical to just stop in the middle or walk slow.

Then some students might disagree with me because their point of view is that they want to talk to their friends that they don’t have classes with or the same lunch. They could also say that they’re just meeting them up in middle of the passway so they could walk with their friends but that still causes a traffic jam because the students not paying attention can easily bump into them and fall.


Another thing the opposing students might say as well, is that they want to be late to class because they don’t like that specific class or the teacher won’t mark them late so they decide to walk slow. Also there’s the fact that students walk slow so they can spend more time with their girlfriend or boyfriend and they also stop in the middle so they could kiss them and go their separate ways. Most of the bystanders won’t do anything because some don’t even care if it affects them from being tardy unless there’s a tardy sweep because they don’t want detention or to get caught.


I feel so strongly about this because I am one of the students who doesn’t like to be late at all. And it’s annoying when I’m walking to class and the students in front of me walk so slow. Now my last two classes are very far away and I usually walk fast but when there’s students walking slow I can’t avoid them because there are other students walking the opposite direction so I have to deal with it. There have also been incidents where students bump into each other because they are on their on phone or they’re walking backwards and stopping in the middle of the way that I’m walking by. In my opinion I think it’s wrong for students to walk slow or stop in the middle because they need to be considerate of other students trying to get to class. There are actual students who like to be early to class and I know a couple of those students and they don’t deserve that.


A solution that could happen is students walking faster and paying attention to where they are walking. Another solution would be for the students to not stop in the middle of students walking trying to get to class so that way there aren’t any incidents or accidents of students bumping into each other at all. An alternative plan can also be that teachers can understand the students when they get to class late and when they tell them the reason that they are late to their class.


Out of all honesty, I think it is annoying for students to walk slow and to stop in the middle of students walking trying to get to class early and on time instead of being late and getting in trouble by any administrator or teacher. I feel strongly about this because I know that there are more students who can easily agree with me especially those seniors just like me and the freshman who are still kinda new to this school.  

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Alexis Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Alexis Gonzalez is a senior at Moreno Valley High. Alexis is shy, loud, kind, and sometimes funny. Something unique about Alexis that she can make friends...

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