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Mrs. Puell was named the award of Teacher of the Year in front of all her colleagues and students at the homecoming pep rally on October 13. After the winner was announced, Mrs. Puell’s family was also brought out to the field to commemorate her achievement.

Five of Moreno Valley High’s teachers were nominated for the teacher of the year award this year. The nominees were chosen by the staff and the students voted on the winner. According to Mr. Ahmadi, a first year teacher, he was humbled to have been nominated amongst a group of experienced teachers.

There are instructors that are more deserving, but as such I shall not sell myself short.  I am a Viking, Class of 2011. I have taken what my former teachers here at MoVal taught me.” Ahmadi said.

Mrs. Espinosa, the yearbook teacher, was also nominated for the award, and felt as if it was a great honor.

Being nominated by my colleagues is an honor I never imagined would come my way.” Espinosa said.

Mr. Nguyen, the AP chem and chem teacher was also a nominee.

“ It was a surprise when they told me, they walked in and said we have an announcement and they told me I was a nominee.”  Nguyen said.

The teachers were each asked what they would think and feel if they had won the award. The answers were very different but they had the same meaning in the end.

Mr. Ahmadi’s answer had a deep meaning towards it.

“If I were to win teacher of the year, I pray to he who holds all our souls that I remain content.” Ahmadi said.

He gave some words of wisdom of how winning something can go to someone’s head.

“It is easy to get carried away, for success is nothing new for me and I have more accolades than I can count,” Ahmadi said. “And yet when my forehead hits the ground five times a day, I am reminded that it is from dust that I from, and it is to dust I shall return.”

Mrs. Espinosa said he would have felt very shocked to find out if she won and would be very happy because the students would have felt if she was deserving of the award.

“Wow! If I actually won?” Espinosa said. “That means the students also feel that I am deserving of Teacher of the Year. I’m blown away just thinking about it.”

Mr.Nguyen pointed out that it’s not really about winning the award.

     “It’s not really so much about the award as it’s about teaching the students to grow and think differently to find their own self,” Nguyen said.

Mrs. Puell was not available for comment.

Joessett Marquez
From left to right: 2017-18 Teacher of the Year nominees Mr. Ahmadi, Mr. Taghipour, Mrs. Puell, Mrs. Espinosa, Mrs. Glassford, and Mr. Nguyen await the announcement of the winner at the homecoming pep rally. Nominees were chosen by the teachers, and then the students voted on the winner.