How Many Hula Hoops Does it Take to Solve a Rubik’s Cube?

Tabitha Solis, Staff Writer, Opinion Editor

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Singing, dancing, instruments, and hula hooping while solving a rubik’s cube -those were acts of the fifteen students who performed at the talent show at MVHS talent show on Thursday night.

Alyah Martinez, sophomore, won first place for hula hooping while solving a rubik’s cube, Camila Gonzalez, senior, won second place for singing, and third place went to sophomore Viviena Avatongo for singing.

“Hula hoop girl won the second she got on the stage.” Juan Valdivia, junior, who attended the talent show, said.

Valdivia stated that he was shocked by the talents from Thursday night.

“Honestly did not know there were talented kids at moval.” Valdivia said.

Dylan Mabry, senior at MVHS admits that although he didn’t believe that all the acts were that great he still had a good time and enjoyed being there for his friend Camila Gonzalez.

“That was the first talent show that I’ve been to so it was a good experience,” Mabry said.,“It was dope, but I wouldn’t be able to perform so at least they have the guts to do it.”

The second place winner, singer Camila Gonzalez, senior, stated that she struggles with social anxiety, to her it felt like many people and describes her first experience singing in front of others as “crazy”.

“My palms were pretty sweaty and the anticipation when the song didn’t start right away.” said Gonzalez. “Another minute longer and I probably would’ve cried.”

With a similar experience as Gonzalez, Katelynn Tena, senior, at MVHS played the flute alongside of Abraham Movando, senior, who played the piano.  

“It was pretty nerve racking, but I was feeling good after it was over.” Tenah said. “I did practice a bit but I’m in band too so that experience really helped me.”

Gonzalez states that being congratulated for winning second was a nice feeling. She also states it was never for the money or winning, she was content knowing she was good enough for her family and friends.

“I had a few acts in mind that were really liked by the audience and since it was an audience based vote so I was a little skeptical.” Gonzalez said. “When they called my name I was really happy with a thought in my head like woah I did that.”

Auditions for the talent show took place on the last week August and the first two weeks into September.  

“I was the very first one to audition and it was super nerve racking.” Gonzalez said. “Overall it went better than I originally thought, I mean Mr. Shaw stopped me before I could finish… he said the few notes I sang were amazing.”  

Tabitha Solis
Michelle Reyes, freshman, sings “Once Upon a December” by Deana Carter.

Tabitha Solis
Kathlynn Tena, Everardo Lopez, and Joe Carmona, seniors. perform at the talent show.

Tabitha Solis
Senior Jeannette Beasley competes in the talent show.

Jesus Castillo
Second place winner Camila Gonzalez sings “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna.