College Kickoff: Are Seniors Ready to Face the Future?


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While being in high school, most students’ goal is to strive for a brighter future. In an effort to boost interest in college and educate students about college, MVHS celebrated College Kickoff Day on October 4.


College Kickoff Day was a school wide event.  Although students are constantly encouraged to think about their future goals, the event is an entire day dedicated to ensuring participation in both college and career readiness. It was put on not only by our Principal, but our pep squad director and Guidance staff, who worked in hopes to get more students to understand the true possibilities for the future.


Students are taking notice of the effort the staff on campus put in to bring attention to the incoming future.


“They’ve definitely tried influencing our decision when it comes to college thinking,” Adam Flores, senior, said. “So yeah, definitely them wanting us to go to college they can’t stress it enough so they’re just bringing more things to us for example the game at the college days thing.”


This effort is apparent even within the games at college days. “We had to answer questions about how to get into college and then we played games,” Flores said.


MVHS’ College Kick-off Day was part of the official College Kickoff, a campaign spearheaded by the Riverside County Office of Education. According to the RCOE website, “The campaign is an outgrowth of the Riverside County Education Collaborative that was lauded in 2014 by President Barack Obama for increasing college-going rates in the Inland Empire.”


Like the Riverside County Office of Education, Principal Ms. Brown has a vision in making sure all students investigate and research college and career information to allow for a more informed understanding of what is offered after high school. Mrs.brown encourages students to use their resources and to walk with a purpose.


“We have counselors providing students with guidance workshops often ,the career center is open every day during lunch for students to get on to look at college and universities ,we have visitors from different colleges and universities that come and speak to students,” Ms. Brown said. “So it’s not just a once-a-month thing, its an all-year round where we’re promoting college career readiness.”

All the staff including Vice Principal Mr. Peeples see the potential in the students attending MVHS.


“ALL students have an opportunity to graduate high school College and Career Ready,” Mr. Peeples said. “Please do not believe anything less than that!!  Be dedicated to your academics, responsible in the choices you make, and resilient to persevere through any obstacles that lie in your path.  You have support from MVHS staff, so take care of business and “Own your Own Path.”