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Test to be the Best

Lizbeth Alfaro, Staff Writer

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She sat at her desk with a math worksheet in front of her, breezing through the problems, not really trying. Later that same week, she sat at her same desk, with a frown, looking down at the same piece of paper. It had a red “D”  across some math equations.


“ This is not okay, I can do better.” she thought to herself.


 From that point on, Pricila Gomez promised herself and her parents that she would do better. Pricila is now a senior and top 10 of her graduating class at Moreno Valley High School.


“ It all started once I was in 5th grade” Gomez said. “ because I had realized that I wasn’t really trying, so I kinda pressured myself to do better. But it was also mostly my parents who disciplined me in the sense that I had to try harder… to take opportunities they never had. “


According to, Studies have shown that a reason for getting bullied is being smart, which may result in grades dropping and losing interest in school,


“ In elementary school I was bullied a lot, I guess that’s when my grades started dropping.” , Gomez said,


However, fortunately for Pricila, thing started to get better in her last year of elementary school,   


“Once I hit 5th grade, I wasn’t really bullied, I had friends and my friends were actually pretty good grade wise, they like got A’s and stuff and they influenced me, I was like if they can get A’s, I can get A’s.” recalled Gomez.


Even I , the writer of this article, can relate to this. My freshmen year of high school I met some friends who always got honor roll; this pushed me to be on the honor roll of both my sophomore and junior year.


Actually, we are not  the only ones who have experienced this. In fact, studies show that the people you surround yourself with really do impact the way you act, whether it be positive or negative. As a article on puts it “ Want to be successful? Surround yourself with successful people…In essence, we become more like the people we hang out wit.“


Today, Pricila has an insane  schedule of five AP classes and two regular classes, making a total of seven classes, her first starting at 6:56am.


“An AP class tends to be taught at a college level, where a lot of the learning is the responsibility of the student.  In an AP class, students are responsible for a large amount of research, writing, analysis, and application of material.” explain Mr.Rodgers, AP Government and AP Psychology Teacher. Mr.Rodgers has taught AP classes for 20 years.


“ I think the AP classes are the ones that can be very hard because they can take sometimes an hour of homework.” revealed Gomez. “ sometimes the regular classes balance it out but sometimes the regular classes give you more work and that’s what they don’t tell you.”


I just know my limits said Pricila when explaining how she balances her social life vs her academic life, “ I think you just gotta know your limits, if you know you need a certain amount of hours to do the essay, maybe don’t go to that party or mall for 3 hours, maybe just go for 1.”


In respects as to what motivates her, she said it’s just herself because she’s not doing it for anyone else, to prove to herself that she can do it, that she can do things that people say were not possible.


“I think the Top 10 students tend to be self-motivated.  They tend to already have a plan for after graduation.  With non-AP students, more time must be given to show them the choices they have after graduation.  It’s about exposing our students to what the world has to offer.” said Mr. Rodgers


Pricila’s advice for being top 10 is to just try,  “ I think as long as you really try, because I know that everybody thinks that top 10 are the smartest but that’s not true, …it’s not how smart you are, it’s how hard you work.”

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Test to be the Best