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The Pursuit Of Happiness

Itzelth Gamboa, Staff Writer, Student Life Editor

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After weeks and weeks of constant work and stress and dance practice, there comes an afternoon -even if it is just for a few hours- of pure happiness. This is her free time and although there are moments where there is a constant need of wanting to be alone -she knows better. She knows what can make her happy.


During her free time she chooses to spend her time with her two best friends, one of whom is now in middle college and is too busy to communicate weekly. As the days pass by, there is a loud silence that intrudes between the friendship, the mutual want to talk stays but the amount of effort does not. The separation from schools created an obvious distance that could not be ignored. The promise to call turned into the promise to text constantly. The promise to text constantly turned into a promise to try.


He became too busy and she became too overwhelmed. There were Honors classes with the loads of homework that teachers plan to assign all at once, there were dance practices that would lead to coming home absolutely exhausted. There were too many interferences for a friendship and the weight of them were strangling. The distance pulled on the string and the fear of it breaking became all too real.


But for her, that is still her best friend. Despite the many challenges, that is the person that understands who she is.


And finally, there is a time where they can talk or see each other. Finally, there is a time where they can catch up and everything just clicks. The time they spent away from each other just disappears and it’s as if they were never apart. Because this is her best friend and being with him even for a fraction of a moment -it’s what brings her happiness.


This is Camila Gonzalez’s happiness.


For her, there have been days that just feel like nothing in life connects. The simple high school problems aren’t easily solved; they’re escalated and much more complicated than anything she expected. High school wasn’t supposed to be this way -she wasn’t supposed to get in arguments so often with the people she loved. She wasn’t supposed to want to stay burried underneath a bean bag chair in one classroom and refuse to go to all other classes.


But when the day ends, and she gets to go home, there is always one person that makes everything better.


He’s a brat -a complete menace but he knows how to make all of life’s problems fly away like the petals on a dandelion puff. His dark brown eyes swallow her  and his permanent smile allows her to relax. She is at home when he’s around.


And there are days when she gets home and nothing makes any sense. But he’s always there. He will sit by her and know how to make everything better -because that’s what little brothers do. That’s what he does for her and nothing else in life is better than the moments where he knows when something is wrong and that smile just washes everything away. He’s always there for her. He brings her happiness.


This is Hilary Lopez’s happiness.


There would be days of an endless amount of nothing. When she would open the window she would see the same cement wall that surrounded her house. Seeing her yard like that made her claustrophobic; there wasn’t anything else that she wanted to do but grab a sledgehammer and break through the walls to see what was on the other side. Perhaps it was a rose bush. Maybe it was green grass. Maybe it was a beaten up gray Honda; it didn’t matter to her. As long as she didn’t have to see that gray cement wall.


There were ultimately two ways to avoid the wall: she could stay in her room, close the blinds and be oblivious or she could break the wall. She decided to stay in her room and close her brown blinds that matched the wooden floors; there was too much of one color.


But on the far side of the room stood a white bookshelf containing brightly colored books with intriguing titles. Those books brought the light into the room that the blinds and gray wall stole.


She opened a book and within a matter of minutes, off she went. She fell into a different world when she read and it felt as if she was living a different life -one that didn’t consist of claustrophobic walls and lifeless blinds. She could avoid the world of sledgehammers and cold wooden tiles. That’s what the books did for her.


Because instead of sitting, anticipating for the gray walls to come crumbling down, she could fight alongside a boy who was turned into a vampire to save his best friend. Instead she could overthrow an oppressive government alongside the girl on fire and the boy with the bread.


She could sit and read for hours; she could become a different person for hours, days even. This is her happiness.


This is my happiness.

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The Pursuit Of Happiness