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AP Students Lay it on the Line and Shoot for the 3


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The two weeks of AP testing is now over and MVHS AP students are now waiting to see if they mastered the test well enough to be exempted from some college classes.

AP testing began on Monday morning, May 1st with AP Chemistry and ended on May 12th with AP European History.

Students stood outside their testing rooms frantically overlooking their Princeton AP Review books to get a refresher of what they had been studying for the past nine months. Other students simply talked about how they were ready to just “take the L.”

“You know what you know and you know that you studied enough for. If you didn’t that kind of shows how much you pay attention in that class,” says Aurora Angulo, senior. “ I think I did well on two out of four tests that I took because I finish them the start to end and I actually understood like most of it but the one side I didn’t understand I didn’t complete.”

Teachers have been reviewing with their students the material for a few weeks over the course of a few week as they try to push their students to succeed by passing their AP test.

“We used college board release questions regularly to have rigor of what [the students] would have on the test,” said Mrs. Puell, AP Calculus teacher. “I am proud that they took the test. They took the test and have exceeded my expectations. They took the class and whether the college board says they passed is insignificant. That’s not what I base their success off on. I base it off on whether they understood the material and they understand the material.”

Some of the senior who have taken the AP Exam before advice people to actually pay attention in class. They say that students shouldn’t take the class to simply get the “extra AP point,” but to actually try to pass the class.

“I think it’s a waste of time to take the AP class but not the test because you’re working really hard in an AP class to get a good grade and to learn the material and taking the tests too,” says Stephanie Franco, senior. “You might as well take the test that will actually give you credit in college. You’ll never know if you could pass the test if you never tried.”

According to AP Central, 84.6 percent of students across the country received a 3 or higher on the AP Exam. Studying for these tests only increases the chances of passing the exam.

“I would recommend for AP students to buy those books online, the Princeton AP review books because those actually help and just to study them like at least a month before the test because that way you have time to study instead of doing it the day before,” says Angulo.

The school currently offers 13 AP classes, yet some of these classes do not have enough students. Classes, such as AP Art History, struggled to enroll enough students to keep the class running. While most students believe that only a certain type of student can take the class, Andrew Del Rosario believes otherwise.

“While they have the reputation of being hard, it’s just a matter of will power to do the work, but like conceptually and in terms of who can take the course, it’s really open to everybody while most people see it differently.”


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AP Students Lay it on the Line and Shoot for the 3