Beauty and the…Power Outage?

Drama and Choir come together to produce a memorable show finale, despite some bumps in the road.


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After a power outage last Saturday afternoon, theatre performed one more presentation of their “Beauty and the Beast” play this Thursday in the MPR.

The players have been preparing for this event since January while Jeff Shaw and Kenneth MacPherson, the main coordinators of the event, started working as far as October. Erika Jackson, the choir teacher, worked alongside the students to perfect their musical performance since January as well.

Mr. Shaw, Mr. K. MacPherson, and Viviena Avatongo, the star that played Belle, all agree that one of the greatest challenges when trying to put this show together was that some of the people did not know their lines. Shaw also revealed that they had many students, mostly seniors, drop out of the play mid way, forcing them to make adjustments in the casting.

“It’s a real shame that we had that power outage on Saturday,” declares Mr. Shaw, “what we saw out there tonight was probably not out best performance.”

The people involved in this play were disappointed that this had to be their last performance because they had their banquet planned for last Saturday. Here they would eat, hand out awards to the students involved, and celebrate the fact that this was their last show of the year.

Except it wasn’t.

Because the power went out, they found themselves obligated to give the audience another showing of the play, to maintain consistency in the amount of presentations that they were supposed to screen. Shaw also revealed that they were not able to rehearse all week, increasing the strain for everyone to give a spectacular final production.

Shaw believes that the props and background were the most difficult and unacknowledged task that they put together. K. MacPherson thinks that the lights and sound effects were an underrecognized challenge as well.

“The arts and the non-sports are underappreciated. They barely get any support.””

— Mr. Shaw

Regardless of any issues that they might have had, the drama kids are still happy to do what they like. Avatongo expresses that she is definitely going to come back for further plays as she recognizes that she has a talent in theatre. She declares that she found the work that she put into this role easy and that ever since she saw her first play, she felt driven to make it better.

This will be Mr. K. MacPherson’s last year with the program and in the school as he is moving far away, but he would like to tell his theatre kids “Always believe in yourself and that you’re able to do great things.”