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PETA Not The Good Guys They Claim To Be

Itzelth Gamboa, Staff Writer, Student Life Editor

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In a surprising turn of events, PETA turns out to be the bad guy. PETA defends the rights of all animals; it is known as one of the most effective radical interest groups.


In an attempt to persuade people to jump on the animal activist bandwagon, PETA has invented some extreme ads. In one of the most irrational ads, PETA claims there to be a link between autism and cow’s milk. The ad pictures a cereal bowl with a frowny face made out of cheerios with the caption “GOT AUTISM?” Underneath the catchphrase, PETA inserted the assertion that studies have found a link between cow’s milk and autism. What the interest group didn’t add in their explanation to the connection is a clear explanation between the two. The study that PETA went with to run their campaign isn’t reliable. It was conducted in 2002 and the study contained 20 children. The study was single-blind, which means the researcher knows which subjects are receiving the independent variable but the subject of the experiment do not know; this can lead to bias. The second study PETA used to run this ad was one conducted in 1995, according to Time Magazine. This study also had an incredible small group, with only 36 test subjects. In this study, researchers could not find a real link between dairy and autism, but PETA ran the ad anyway.


PETA has a tendency to compare animal life to human life, which isn’t rare in cases amongst animal rights. But PETA takes this comparison to an all new level. In 2004, PETA ran an ad that showed victims of the holocaust side by side to animals being slaughtered with the caption “Holocaust on your plate” and a similar ad with the caption “To animals, all people are Nazis.” The Holocaust is one of the darkest moments in history and PETA has used it twice to shame meat-lovers. Using a genocide to prove a point is rather distasteful; it seems as if PETA has no respect for the lives lost or for the families that have suffered through this event.


Not only does PETA dismiss the lives lost in the genocide as a mere injustice at best, they also dismiss their own animals lives- the ones they are supposedly meant to protect. According to 97.3% of PETA’s animals, the ones that they have been supposedly fighting for their rights, have been killed in one year. PETA claims that they do not run a traditional animal shelter; the animals that they euthanize are near death already. In 2016, PETA killed 71.9% of their animals.


PETA believes in total animal liberation. I know; that sounds amazing, right? Free the whales from Seaworld, no more zoos holding tigers captive – but it sounds better than it actually is. We cannot free the whales that are being held at Sea World because they are not used to the ocean; they have no clue on how to survive on their own and setting them free would be sending them to their death. PETA takes total animal liberation to an extreme -they believe that seeing eye dogs should be taken away from the blind.
Total animal liberation also means no animals used in animal research. Not having animals used in research, just like not having whales as Sea World, sounds amazing. But again, it is a necessary evil. I’m all for animals not being used for makeup products -I try my best to avoid brands that do animal testing. However, animals are used to find cures for serious illnesses. They were used to help find a treatment for breast cancer, childhood leukemia, malaria, and tuberculosis. Animal research has contributed to many advances in medicine and it needs to be acknowledged that without animal research, millions of people would have already died from numerous different diseases.

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  1. Justin Chavez on November 3rd, 2017 9:38 am

    I for one would agree with this article even though I love animals myself their are things I can agree with when I read this article. Such as the extremes an animal rights group goes to just to persuade an audience,like I get that they want people to treat animals like people but keep in mind that even if we leave animals alone and give them all the rights they will still kill each other as the scale of death in nature is huge. And with some animal experimentation we did find treatments for illnesses,so to stop that will be condemning many of the people who suffer from these illnesses. So I am okay with experimentation just as long as it’s for a good cause and that the experiments are Humane. One other would be one of the things that the writer says about PETA which is about them hurting the very creatures they want to protect and I for one can see how in order to prove a point the would need to do some things that go against what they believe and this can also happen with other things but for now I focus on the animals.


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PETA Not The Good Guys They Claim To Be