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I understand that the hallway from the U-wing to the rest of the school is narrow and that naturally things are going to slow down a bit, but this isn’t just a U wing problem, this problem transcends throughout the entire school. This is a list of things that people are doing wrong which is slowing everyone else down. This is also a bit of a rant, but the issue needed to be addressed.


  • Stopping to greet every single individual they know. This mainly happens with guys, and it is especially excruciating when they’re popular. But some guys just have to stop to shake all of their friend’s hands for some unknown reason. I like the formality, but when they are stopping three different times in a single minute, they disturb the whole dang flow of transit. Girls also do this too, but longer because they tend to greet one another with a hug. A nod or a casual wave and hello is sufficient to greet someone. Save the rest for later.
  • Hugging their significant other as they walk??? And no, I am not just envious that I am super single. These people are walking at the speed of snails because they can’t let go of one another at least for the length of passing period. They could hold hands, walk next to each other, whatever, just not hug because that makes everyone else behind them walk at the same pace as their stupid heads.
  • Jokingly making the traffic go purposefully slow. I don’t know where these people find the humor in this because I’m not laughing, and neither is everyone else. Some people will walk slow on purpose or push their friend onto oncoming people just for funzies. To these people I want to say that trolling is no longer cool and never really has been. So stop.
  • Walking slow because they do not want to go to class. I actually understand these people. There is that one class (math) that we dread because we know that we’re going to fail the test, that we did not do our homework, that we do not feel like doing anything for, or that we just do not know what the heck is going on. So we delay the time that it takes us to get there as much as possible. But these people should consider this; they are going to have to get to class regardless. They should just go to class at a decent time and face reality to get things over with as soon as possible.
  • Talking with friends as you walk. I am guilty of this myself. And this might be the leading factor. People get so invested in what they are talking about that they walk slower so they could listen better. As a school we could just condition ourselves to sustain a conversation as we walk at a decent pace, or we could just walk to the side, and out of everyone’s way, to hold a conversation then proceed when we are done.
  • Walking slow because this is just how they walk and who they are. Just get out of my way. Use the right lane.


This is coming from someone that has to go from the V-wing, to the I-wing, to the U-wing, to the T-wing, to the U-wing, and to the I-wing again, and wishes to be on time (since I am on a senior contract, y’know). PLEASE, have mercy on me and the rest of us that get road rage walking from one class to another.

All that people are trying to do is get to class at a reasonable time without having to deal with the clogging of our halls caused by the people mentioned above. There is a time and place to do everything. Passing period is not one of them.



  1. Angel Renteria on November 3rd, 2017 9:23 am

    I agree, it gets frustrating. Sometimes I feel like pressing them.


  2. Thomas Ramirez on November 3rd, 2017 9:28 am

    Yes, the U-wing is a very big deal just imagine how its going to be in the new building horrible. People need to walk faster and they’re always saying I’m short i got short legs.


  3. Isaac on November 3rd, 2017 9:33 am

    Honestly, I agree with you, you have an amazing point although I am guilty for one of your points. I think people should be walking faster because it stalls everyone else if not. I am also a senior so I understand the struggle of trying to get to class on time walking across the whole campus. PEOPLE NEED YO SERIOUSLY MOVE.


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