Teachers Get Egg-secuted by Students

Romeo Orozco, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 14, students in the choir program decided to have an activity for their fundraiser at both lunches. They threw eggs at teachers in the spirit of Easter, and it only cost 1 dollar for 2 eggs. Many students enjoyed it and so did the teachers.


“I think it was pretty fun to throw an egg at a teacher and it feels cool and relieving because it’s the one bad thing you can do to a teacher, it was just a lot of fun” said Isaias Birts, freshman.


Most students thought it was a great way to raise money, like freshman Ruby Garcia who said that she thought it was a “pretty fun” idea for a fundraiser and would get students to want to participate.


“We were talking about pies in the face or a dunk tank, but with easter coming up the 3rd period kids came up with these confetti eggs and it just became this fun idea,” choir teacher Mrs. Jackson said.


The Choir program plans to host more entertaining fundraisers like this one in the future. So keep an eye out and participate.