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Overwatch Worthy Of The Best Game Title

Jaden Gonzales, Staff Writer

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Overwatch is a first person shooter released in May of 2016 that immediately skyrocketed in sales and got a ton of praise from gamers around the world. This game was voted best game of 2016, which I am in complete agreement with.

           Overwatch was created by Blizzard Entertainment and was released for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in May of 2016. The game is a First- person, Hero- Based Shooter that assigns you to one of two teams of six based on your skill level. You are given the option to choose one character of twenty four. The characters are all heroes with detailed pasts and have their own individual abilities. The characters are separated into one of four categories being Attack, Defense, Tank, and Support. After selecting your character you are free to go against the other team in either moving a payload or capturing a point.
Many people believe that Overwatch did not deserve the title and that it is overall a bad game. People believe that the game is bad because it does not reward KD (kill/Death) ratio or maybe a character is too overpowered.
            I must disagree with these complaints. Beginning with the KD ratio complaint, Overwatch is not meant exactly to focus on kills, it is to escort the payload or stay on the point. This game is not meant to be spent by running around and getting kills like Call of Duty, for instance.
Moving on to some characters being overpowered, this is not the case at all. Blizzard dedicates much of their time giving both buffs and nerfs to their characters, meaning that it is possible for a character to be powerful but Blizzard usually takes notice and fixes this. I would also like to add that Overwatch has a wide variety of characters with many different cultural backgrounds, heritages, styles, and even sexualities. There is a character from almost every race and they even add in events for other cultures such as the Lunar New Year Festival Event for the Chinese New Year that was focused on Mei (A Chinese character). Not to mention that Tracer (A hero that is from the UK) has been confirmed as a lesbian by Blizzard giving the LGBT community some love. Overwatch is a great game that deserves the title ‘Best Game of 2016’.
       I believe that if people would stop and actually appreciate the game for a second then they could see why Overwatch is loved by thousands of gamers.
        I truly believe that Overwatch is a great game that earned its title and will continue to get love from it’s many fans.


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Overwatch Worthy Of The Best Game Title